In or Out?

I was walking through the local market last week, wearing my EU beret:
Dark blue EU beret with yellow stars One of the stallholders shouted at me, "You should be wearing it half-on and half-off!"

I walked through the market again yesterday. Another acquaintance mentioned the Halloween extension, and told me that it would have been much better had we left today. Astrologically speaking, he said, April 12th is auspicious. October 31st is not.

Multicoloured Satchel Bag

This is a bag which I use almost every day, bought from Fez. It looks like an old-style school satchel, but in fact it closes by magnetic snaps. One can be seen behind the left buckle in the final photo.
Multicoloured satchel bag
Multicoloured satchel bag
Multicoloured satchel bag

I was carrying the bag on the bus one day, and another passenger said to me, "That looks like a Daisy Did bag!". A quick search led me to What Daisy DidWayback, a page on the EthicalShop site advertising leather bags made from recycled materials by Daisy and Ozric, founders and partners of What Daisy Did. There are pictures of some colourful Daisy Did satchels in a 24th March 2016 post on Erica Louise's Recycled Fashion blog, "What Daisy Did: Ethically Made Satchels and Fashion Accessories"Wayback.