Colourful Cowboys with Green and Purple

Cover of the Monster Book for Boys, possibly 1954 Title page of the Monster Book for Boys, possibly 1954
Because it's related to the theme of green and purple, I'm going to post an illustration from a children's annual. It's from the Monster Book for Boys and shows three colourfully dressed cowboys. One is wearing green and purple. Real cowboys, I suspect, were not so picturesque. Illustration from the Monster Book for Boys, possibly 1954. Shows three cowboys
wearing blue trousers with red shirt, black waistcoat, and green bandana; grey-blue trousers, red-and-white checked shirt, yellow jacket, and blue bandana; and purple trousers, green shirt, and bottle-green waistcoat.


The website Old Classic Car has a page "Old childrens books and annuals that feature cars". One of the front covers shown is the same as my Monster Book for Boys. The author says their copy was a Christmas gift from 1954, so perhaps the book was published in 1953 or 1954.

Green and Purple

The purple in Monday's post goes very well with green. I don't yet have my own photos of the two together, but have a look at's "Coloured trousers for men: how to wear them this winter". This thumbnail is taken from there, and shows one of several schemes they suggest.
Man wearing purple trousers and light green velvet jacket

I like green and purple. More people should wear it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find many other examples of this combination on the web. I've seen engravings of 18th century French courtiers wearing such colours, but Google wasn't helpful in locating them online. The nearest I came was an article about court fashion during the reign of Louis XIV in the Serbian blog Moda Nekad i Sad (Fashion Then and Now). There are two pictures which approximate the colour scheme I'm trying to describe:
French purple trousers and light green coat French purple trousers and light green coat


"Coloured trousers for men: how to wear them this winter" by Nicoleta Parascan,, 9th December 2013. This is the right-hand frame of a composite photo captioned "Purple coloured pants at Dirk Bikkembergs, Paul Smith and Etro, F/W '13".

"Luj XIV" ("Louis XIV") by Marina Skrinjik Ćorić, Moda Nekad i Sad (Fashion Then and Now). The blog is by Marina Skrinjik Ćorić at the School of Design in Belgrade; she says that her many illustrated posts are to compensate for the lack of Serbian-language literature on costume history and fashion.

Morocco Brought Me Colour: Purple

Here's that turquoise Moroccan shirt again, worn with a purple satin sarouel. Another pair of vivid colours that go very well together. The sarouel was made to my design by my tailor in Tangier, so isn't quite like a conventional qandrissi. It's full-length, and the "crotch" is the lower edge of the trousers, with two elasticated holes for my ankles. Unlike the "hippie" versions that I've mentioned before, this is carefully tailored, with pleats, belt loops, proper pockets, and a fly.

Turquoise Moroccan shirt and purple satin Moroccan sarouel (worn at Gloucester Green Market, Oxford)
[Photo: Dorothy Patricia Megaw]