Wolvercote Horticultural Summer Colours

Orange-red rose, displayed on table as exhibit in Wolvercote Horticultural Society summer show.

I've blogged quite a few photo-posts about spring and summer flower colours, to show how much better we could do with our clothes if our attitude to them matched our love of flowers. I'll use the splendid rose exhibit above to open another. I love the rose because it's vivid, its colour is consistent all across the petals, and it's an unusual shade. This exhibit grabbed my attention when I saw it in real life, and it grabs my attention when I see it in photos.

I say exhibit: this was one of the items displayed at yesterday's Wolvercote Horticultural Society summer show. There are photos of some others below. Photo number five is striking because of the orange flower at the focus of the arrangement.

WHS had a textile section as well as flowers, from which I've shown a colourful tapestry stool. The judges' label on it reads, "Lovely stool with a bright and detailed design. Love the way the braiding on edge matches the design." I'd give the exhibitor's name, but they were anonymous, known only as Exhibitor No. 28.


Mallow flower on towpath of Oxford canal. Here's another in my series on seasonal colours. I saw this on the towpath of the Oxford canal, and liked the colour and pattern. I suspect it's a mallow. The photo is a close-up: the flower in its entirety is below.

Mallow flower on towpath of Oxford canal.

Wytham Pink Rose

Technically speaking, these aren't quite summer colours, as I photographed them yesterday. I walked up to Wytham, where there's a little village store that also sells afternoon teas, with scones, jam and cream. To be eaten, at this time of year, in the garden amongst the roses. The pink is almost the same as that of an item of clothing I'm going to show shortly.