A Dulux Challenge
Friday 29th June, 2018
Attitudes, Clothing photos

The Times of Malta for July 1 2012 has a wonderful photo. It accompanies a report by Gildas Le Roux about the Milan Male Spring-Summer 2013 collections:
Screenshot of the 'Times of Malta's report on the Milan Male 
Spring-Summer 2013 collections, showing Salvatore Ferragamo spring/summer 
2013 menswear collection

This made me reflect on Dulux. In 2014, this company donated 15,000 litres of paint to give the Belgian city of Charleroi a colour makeover, after it was named the ugliest city in the world four years earlier. This was part of Dulux's "Let's Colour" campaign, in which Dulux, saying its mission was to "add colour to people's lives", donated paint to local communities and public bodies around the world. Wouldn't it be nice if Dulux would do this for clothes as well as paint?