Colourful Cowboys with Green and Purple
Monday 5th November, 2018
Colour combinations, Illustrations

Cover of the Monster Book for Boys, possibly 1954 Title page of the Monster Book for Boys, possibly 1954
Because it's related to the theme of green and purple, I'm going to post an illustration from a children's annual. It's from the Monster Book for Boys and shows three colourfully dressed cowboys. One is wearing green and purple. Real cowboys, I suspect, were not so picturesque. Illustration from the Monster Book for Boys, possibly 1954. Shows 
three cowboys
wearing blue trousers with red shirt, black waistcoat, and green bandana; 
grey-blue trousers, red-and-white checked shirt, yellow jacket, and blue 
bandana; and purple trousers, green shirt, and bottle-green waistcoat.


The website Old Classic Car has a page "Old childrens books and annuals that feature cars". One of the front covers shown is the same as my Monster Book for Boys. The author says their copy was a Christmas gift from 1954, so perhaps the book was published in 1953 or 1954.