Primark and the Spectrum Suckers III: Four Browns, Two Greys, and a Black
Friday 16th November, 2018
Attitudes, Colour analysis

Here's a TinEye colour extraction for my Primark photo from "Primark and the Spectrum Suckers". Four browns, two greys, and a black.
Colour palette from TinEye for the photo of Primark used in 'Primark 
and the Spectrum Suckers', with a copy of the photo reduced to that set of 
colours. The palette contains four shades of brown, two shades of grey, 
and a black.

For comparison, here is the palette for mud .
Colour palette from TinEye for a Wikipedia photo of dirt and mud. The 
palette contains two shades of brown and a shade of grey.

Extracted from the photograph at, credited to user 0x0077BE.