The Pod/Piccalilli Effect
Monday 14th January, 2019
Semantics of style

In previous posts, I've talked about how the shape of fonts connotes their "personality". Today's post is an example of how shape connotes personality in a more literal sense. Take a look at these two thumbnails:

Nick Sharratt's illustration of Mr 
Pod in his living room. Nick Sharratt's illustration of Mr 
Piccalilli in his living room.

Both drawings are by illustrator Nick Sharratt, who I'll introduce via this interviewWayback with Angela Ferguson for Northern Soul (20 October 2016). I know of Nick for the distinctive flat style of his illustrations for Jacqueline Wilson's books. However, these two images are for a different author's story, Mr Pod and Mr Piccalilli. You can see them at their proper size on Nick's page "Mr Pod and Mr Piccalilli: A story written with Penny Dolan" Wayback. Follow the link to see the full-size pictures, and thence to go to the rest of Nick's website (menu on top right) or to his publishers (link in footer).

Every line in each image is shaped to reflect the personality of its owner. I'll say more about this in my next post on the semantics of style.