Blue Heavy Cotton Sarouel
12th February, 2019
Sarouel / harem pants, Clothing photos

I've just been to the dry cleaners, and thought I'd show off what I had cleaned. This is a sarouel made for me a few years ago in Morocco. As with my silver silk-velvet sarouel, I bought the material from A-One Fabrics in Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush. This time, it was several metres of heavy blue cotton, intended for wear during the colder half of the year.

I then took it back to Oxford, and had it washed and thoroughly dried at a local laundry, one accustomed to cleaning large quantities of bedding and other heavy fabric. I wanted to make sure that if the cotton did shrink, it would do so before it was made into trousers. Washing that much material at home would have been impractical, and drying it, even more so. I then had it taken to Tangier and made into trousers. I don't have a photo of them stretched out, but the shape is like that in the above post.

Blue heavy cotton sarouel
Blue heavy cotton sarouel