Orange Satin Sarouel
Thursday 18th October, 2018
Clothing photos, Sarouel / harem pants

On Monday, I showed pictures of a full-length silver silk-velvet sarouel, made for me in Tangier with material from A-One Fabrics in Shepherd's Bush. But I've had trousers of the same design made with Moroccan fabrics too. I once commissioned two on spec, with colours to be chosen by the tailor.

For one pair, he'd chosen a wonderful vivid orange satin. Here are some photos, including two which show the fly, belt loops, and elasticated ankles:
Orange satin sarouel

Orange satin sarouel, showing flies and belt loops

Orange satin sarouel, showing elasticated ankles

Orange satin sarouel

Though rather thin for winter, the material is OK for autumn and spring. Because it's so bright and cheerful, I wear this pair a lot. The orange makes a stunning contrast with this ice-blue top and this turquoise top. In a different way, it goes very nicely with this green, this black and scarlet, and this Chinese red. And with some others that I don't yet have photos of.