Vintage Labels
Friday 26 July, 2019

The Vintage Fashion Guild website has a "label resource" at . This is an alphabetical index of pages, each linking to a list of labels under its letter. Some pages have as many as 50 brands, or even more. Brands that I looked at included Frank Usher: their page showed labels from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, plus one fake, a knockoff from India.

I thought I'd list the labels I've photographed, in case it's any help in adding to such resources. I can't vouch for the dates of any of my items, but I'm sure there are experts who will be able to give good estimates. If you want to use any of the photos on your own site, please let me know via my contact form. Below, there's a photo, with label, of each item for which I had a label. The little hand to the right of the brand name links to its original blog post. The WordPress link also points at those posts, plus this one.

Agnes b blue and yellow cropped jacket Agnès b

Arrow top, with Vogue print Arrow

Benetti blue-purple printed shirt Benetti

Colorpoint shirt, with aliens printed Colorpoint

Eastex Liberty-print shirt Eastex

Elegance printed jacket Elegance

Falabella indigo velvet jacket
Falabella indigo velvet jacket Falabella

Fosby multicoloured cropped velvet jacket Fosby

Frank Usher pink silk top Frank Usher

Gerry Weber pink silk jacket Gerry Weber

Heather Valley printed shirt Heather Valley

His Lordship green velvet jacket His Lordship

Jacques Vert multicoloured top Jacques Vert

Jake cropped paisley-on-black velvet jacket Jake

Klaus Rheiner orange velvet jacket Klaus Rheiner

Kuku sequin-striped bolero jacket Kuku

Nina Boutique striped silk top Nina Boutique

Oakland fruit-and-flower printed velvet waistcoat Oakland

Ravi Sehgal red velvet jacket Ravi Sehgal

Tian Bao Gong peacock-printed black kimono Tian Bao Gong

Tracery bolero jacket Tracery

Wallis striped linen blazer Wallis

Wow! embroidered velvet top Wow!